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International Industrial Biotechnology Network (IIBN)

IIBN – a catalyst for South-South and North-South partnerships, connecting knowledge centers and industries active in industrial biotechnology, an innovation-driven pillar of the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy

The Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy

Industry, governments and public research institutions are uniting their efforts to design new value chains based on the use of renewable biomass for the production of clean energy, fuels, feed and chemicals. read more

The Bio-Economy and Sustainable Development

  • Clean production. The use of renewable resources can decrease pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by replacing fossil fuel derivates as inputs for the industry.
  • Multiple sectors involved. Industrial biotechnology uses microbes, plant or animal cells, or their isolated enzymes as biocatalysts for industrial applications and products.
  • Safeguarding natural wealth. Biodiversity contains a wealth of natural compounds that can be explored for the production of novel materials.

Relevance of the Bio-Economy for Low and Middle Income Countries

Linking agriculture with industry – stimulating innovative agro-based industries read more

The International Industrial Biotechnology Network: A UNIDO- Flanders partnership in industrial biotechnology

  • UNIDO’s mandate is to promote and accelerate sustainable industrial development in developing countries and economies in transition.
  • Flanders: home to a vibrant biotechnology research and development community.